To prepare the death certificate and register the death, the funeral director will require the decedent's Social Insurance number and British Columbia Medical Services Health Number.  They will also need to see the birth certificate.  

Arrangement Conference 

A cheque book or other method of payment 
(Visa, Mastercard or American Express): 

At Simplicity, our costs are kept low by the way we do things.  Part of the way we do things is to collect for the cremation expenses during the arrangement conference.  To make this easier on our families, we accept all major credit cards, cash or even a personal cheque. 

One of the most difficult appointments a person will ever have to make is the arrangement conference to arrange the cremation of a family member that has died. It can be easy to forget important items from home that the director will require to begin the process of registering the death.  To assist you in this process, we have created a basic checklist to follow in preparing for this meeting.

The Decedent's Wallet: 

Vital Statistics: 

Things like the names of the parents, mother's maiden name and their places of birth are also required to prepare a death certificate.

Time & Date of Death: 

If the deceased was a care home or hospice resident, the time of death is usually established by the caregiver who will provide the funeral director with the exact date and time the death occurred. If the decedent passed away elsewhere, the funeral home will contact the physician for a the required information and paperwork.

A Notebook & Pen: 

This initial appointment is both an information gathering meeting with the funeral director and an opportunity to prepare the family for what's ahead. A notebook and pen will help you keep track of all the many details that the funeral director will ask of you. One detail that many people forget (but the director will be sure to remind you of) is what to do about any jewelry with the deceased.  It is recommended that any items be removed prior to the cremation as they will be destroyed if they remain on.